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Ethical Management

Lotte makes its decisions based on its corporate mottos of "Customer-centered Thinking," "Pursuit of Originality," and
"Quality First," and is dedicated to fulfilling its societal responsibilities and seeking the
common interests of its stakeholders and society while at the same time aspiring to become a premier global company.
To this end, Lotte has announced its Code of Ethics, which has its management’s and employees' full commitment.

Customers, Shareholders, Executives, Business Partners, Country and Society

  • 01 Customers
    1. 1-1. Customers are at the very center of Lotte's viability. All business activities shall be considered and determined from the customers' perspectives of creating value for customers.
    2. 1-2. Lotte shall maintain its integrity, respect customers' opinions, and deliver on its promises to customers.
    3. 1-3. Lotte shall not use any of its customers' private information without their prior consent for any purpose other than agreed beforehand.
  • 02 Shareholders
    1. 2-1. Management and employees shall make their best efforts to enhance Lotte's share value through business practices that focus on creativity and innovation.
    2. 2-2. Lotte shall abide by laws and principles governing corporate management and maintain transparency.
    3. 2-3. Lotte shall be attentive to the opinions of minority shareholders.
  • 03 Executives
    1. 3-1. Management and employees shall adhere to all relevant laws, social norms, and the highest level of ethical standards to maintain Lotte's reputation and individuals' dignity, and earn the respect and trust of colleagues and business partners.
    2. 3-2. Management and employees shall contribute to the Company in a proactive and creative manner by taking initiatives and through innovation, harmony, and cooperation combined with a strong sense of responsibility.
    3. 3-3. Management and employees shall not be discriminated against based on hometown, educational background, gender, etc., and shall receive fair treatment based on performance and competencies.
    4. 3-4. Management and employees shall not use Company property for personal interests nor disclose Company information attained in the normal course of business. In addition, management and employees shall not engage in mutual gift exchanges, loan extensions, or joint liability on guarantee among themselves, and shall abstain from inconsiderate speech and sexual harassment in order to promote a sound corporate culture.
    5. 3-5. Management shall be mindful of social responsibilities, proactively respond to crisis and opportunities, and set an example by acting in line with global standards governing corporate management.
    6. 3-6. Lotte shall recognize the dignity and value of each individual manager and employee, and shall undertake to improve the quality of working conditions.
  • 04 Business Partners
    1. 4-1. Lotte shall provide equal opportunities to its business partners and engage in transparent business for legitimate products at legitimate prices for mutual benefit.
    2. 4-2. Lotte shall not use its dominant market position to make unreasonable requests and shall not unlawfully receive money and/or other articles and entertainment. Lotte shall explain the purpose and spirit of this code of conduct to business partners and encourage them to join the effort.
  • 05 Country and Society
    1. 5-1. Lotte shall respect the values of its country and society, abide by applicable laws and regulations, and strive to develop itself through sound corporate activities, thereby creating social wealth and improving quality of life which in turn will contribute to the overall development of the nation.
    2. 5-2. Lotte shall not be engaged in politics.
    3. 5-3. Lotte shall contribute to the preservation of the environment and conservation of natural resources by developing and marketing environmentally-friendly products, recycling waste, and educating the public on the value of resource saving.
    4. 5-4. Lotte shall strive to ensure the safety of its community, customers, management, and employees, and shall undertake efforts to prevent accidents by conducting safety training programs.