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Dividend History

Dividend payments(over the past 5 years)

(Unit : KRW)

연도별 요약재무정보 표
2019 2020 2021 2022 2023
Total Dividend Amount (in mn) 107,428 79,158 79,158 93,293 107,428
Dividend Type Cash Dividend Cash Dividend Cash Dividend Cash Dividend Cash Dividend
Dividend Per Share Common 3,800 2,800 2,800 3,300 3,800
Preferred - - - - -
Net Income (in mn) -896,326 -785,940 -292,279 -324,571 174,404
Dividend Payout Ratio(%) - - - - -
Dividend Yield Ratio(%) 2.8 2.8 3.1 3.7 4.8

Dividend Policy

- The Company aims to enhance shareholder value from a long-term perspective by achieving stable profit distribution in line with the Company's performance and continuous growth that increases corporate value. The dividend policy and dividends are determined by the resolution of the general shareholders' meeting based on the proposal of the Company's board of directors. Profit distribution can be made in cash or stocks, and dividends are decided within the limits allowed by various factors such as profitability and financial condition.

- Direction for promoting shareholder-friendly policies after establishing a holding company: Enhancing shareholder value through the gradual increase of dividends and the implementation of interim dividends (aiming for a payout ratio of around 30%) [Related disclosure: 2017.08.17. Timely Disclosure Obligations (Fair Disclosure)].