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Since LOTTE Shopping declared Environmental Value Management for the first time
in the industry in April 2004, the Company has been promoting the importance of ecological conservation.
Each Business Division is committed to minimizing impact on the environment across all business activities,
engaging employees, customers, partners, and other stakeholders in various activities for environmental conservation.
Also, LOTTE Shopping performs a system-driven internal diagnosis every year. Consequently, such a stable and professional
approach toward environmental regulations enables the Company to have potential environmental risks under control.

The Direction and Policy of Environment-Conscious Management

The internal policy direction: to put the environment at the center
of the companies decision-making process
The external policy direction: to create environmental values in the interest
of customers, consumers, people, and nature
  • 1We will make the domestic retail industry eco-friendly and become a leading global retailer with environmentconscious and energy-conscious management.
  • 2We will provide various products and living culture that promote environmental values and eco-friendly consumption.
  • 3We will spread environment-conscious and energy-conscious management to our business partners and encourage engagement in environmental issues.
  • 4We will actively work towards reducing waste and resources to improve our environmental practices continuously.
  • 5We will comply with environmental laws and regulations and implement more stringent internal standards.
  • 6We will engage in diverse activities for environmental conservation by making an environment fund and raising awareness of our indispensable environment to customers and society through a climate change campaign.