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Human Rights Policy

LOTTE Shopping was the first in the industry to join the UN Global Compact in January 2007, and
fully supports the ten principles of the UN in relation to human rights, labor standards, environment, and anti-corruption.
LOTTE Shopping, which promotes comprehensive human rights management that respects diversity
and non-discrimination, has established its own global human rights policy based
on the in-house Code of Conduct, laying the groundwork for a human rightscentered management system.

  • Human Rights for Customers
    Customer safety / Listening to customer opinions / Protection of customer information
  • Human Rights for Employees
    Equal opportunity / Fair treatment / Mutual respect / Respect for diversity / Safe working environmen
  • Human Rights for Suppliers
    Fair trade / Respect for partners / Fair competition / Lawful information collection / Anti-corruption
  • Human Rights for
    Local Community
    Environmental protection / Social contribution / Respect for human rights / Cultural diversity / Compliance with local laws
Bibliography: UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Ten Principles of UNGC, ILO Declaration,
UN's Anti-Corruption Convention, OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, UN SDGs

Systematization of Human Rights Management

In order to create a workplace with no discrimination, LOTTE Shopping pursues a bias-free and fair management in the entire process from the recruitment stage to the forms of employment and retention of employment. To this end, each Business Division is promoting various anti-discrimination activities.

Happiness Counseling Room
LOTTE Mart's Kakao Story channel, phone call and mail
Super “Shinmungo” for business ethics consultation and reporting,
in-house call, email, social media, text message, etc.
Reporting Channel for sexual/workplace harassment

Respect for Diversity

LOTTE Shopping is creating an environment where diverse members can prove their competence. The Company strives especially for social diversity by focusing on hiring the physically challenged and securing female leaders. The Company also makes efforts to create a fair and equal corporate culture by expanding institutional support to reinforce social diversity in the workplace.

Employment Status of the Disabled/Veterans/Foreigners
(Unit: person, (%))
Business Division 2018 2019 2020 2021
Department Store 214(3.4) 199(3.5) 186(3.4) 176(3.3)
Mart 377(2.7) 410(3.1) 397(3.3) 364(3.1)
Super 163(2.3) 167(2.5) 140(2.6) 125(2.6)
E-Commerce 18(2.9) 23(2.9) 18(2.4) 27(2.8)
※ Figures in parentheses refer to the employment rate of minority groups compared to the total number of employees
Ratio of Female Employees
(Unit : %)
Division 2018 2019 2020 2021
Department Store 61.9(17.8) 61.5(19.8) 61.3(21.9) 60.4(23.2)
Mart 71.5(13.8) 71.3(13.3) 70.7(12.7) 70.8(12.6)
Super 67.1(2.6) 71.1(3.7) 68.7(3.2) 69.3(2.3)
E-Commerce 54.2(40.7) 51.8(36.6) 51.4(38.6) 52.1(39.2)
※ Figures in parentheses refer to the percentage of female employees among all manager level workers.