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Sustainability Management

Since we are closer to the customer’s everyday life,
Lotte shopping has a particular devotion to the environment.

  • Declaration of the Environmental
    Value Management in 2004

    We lead the environmental management efforts in the retail industry. We have amended our major policies to change our domestic retail market into a more environmentally friendly market, practice our environmentally friendly consumption life together with our customers, support the environmental management for our cooperating companies, and participate in a variety of environmental preservation activities.

  • Minimizing Environmental Impact

    Participate in green store business, Implement green purchase policy

    Lotte Department Store participated in the green store business organized by the Ministry of Environment for the first time in the retail industry, and Yeongdeungpo store, Ilsan store and Ulsan store were selected as green stores in 2011. 'A green store business' is a business that activates sales of eco-friendly products in distribution stores and greases distribution stores by introducing eco-friendly facilities. Lotte Department Store, meanwhile, has participated in the 'Self-Purchase Agreement' of the Ministry of Environment since December 2006 to prepare guidelines for green purchases and strive to increase purchases of environmental certification products.

  • Pursuing Environmental Management Activities

    Acquisition of ISO 14001 certification

    Lotte Department Store was the first in the retail industry to acquire the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certification in 2005. In November 2011, an evaluation on the renewal of ISO 14001 Certification was conducted on the headquarters and each branch, and in 2012 the certification maintenance evaluation was completed. ISO 14001, as an international system standard on environmental management, is an advanced management system that continuously monitors the load on the environment caused by corporate activities.

  • Involving Children in the Protection of The Environment

    Lotte Kids Environment School in operation, Kids Environment Art Contest hosted

    Lotte Department Store, together with customers, has been operating Lotte Kids Environment School annually since 2004 as an environmental campaign. The Kids Environment Art Contest, South Korea's largest scale youth art contest, had its 34th year in 2013. This contest enables children, the leaders of the future, to reflect on the importance of preserving the environment.
    Lotte Shopping, together with our future heroes, the children, will expand this program to various regions in the nation to make the environment greener for future generations.

  • Efforts to Establish Green Consumer Culture

    Operating eco-friendly product store 'Eco-shop' and issue 'Eco-leaflet' that reduces paper consumption

    'Eco-shop' is located in the main store and Jamsil store of Lotte Department Store. 'Eco-shop' is an eco-friendly product store that Lotte Department Store co-founded with the Environmental Foundation. Lotte Department Store reserves all proceeds from the Eco Shop by returning it to the Environmental Fund. Meanwhile, Lotte Department Store is reducing paper consumption by providing eco-friendly 'Eco-leaflet' as online and mobile application services for the first time in Korea.