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Sustainability Management

For the first time in the retail industry, Lotte Shopping has introduced management for sustainable development and conducted forward-looking management in economic, environmental, and social issues.


Management for Sustainable Development : Management Innovation ,Economic Impact, Economic Rewards ,Economic Value Creation | Environment-friendly Department Sore, Environment-friendly Lifestyle, Earth Protection, Practicing Love for the Environment along with Customers | Customer, Employees, Partner Companies, Local Communicaty

  • Think Economy

    Lotte Shopping focuses on profitable growth based on a nationwide sales network and market expansion for management innovation and constant value creation. Lotte will be always at the forefront of galvanizing its local community and developing good quality products.

  • Think Environment

    Lotte Shopping is leading environmentally friendly management in the retail industry through its management principles.
    Lotte is committed to establishing brand-new, environmentally friendly management models that embrace its customers and contribute to a healthier environment.

  • Think Society

    Lotte Shopping has always pursued customer-oriented management in order to keep its promises and embrace its responsibilities to its customers. As part of these efforts, Lotte has enhanced corporate transparency by establishing and practicing a Code of Ethics and strengthening alliance with partner companies.