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Corporate History

  • 2023 Opened Lotte Mall Westlake Hanoi in Vietnam Opened the 1st Grocery Specialized Store "Grand Grocery" Eunpyeong branch

  • 2022 Signed a partnership with 'Ocado'

  • 2021 LOHBS(H&B) - Hypermarket integrated operation Lotte Asset Development Shopping Mall Business Acquisition Invested in private equity fund regarding Joonggonara (Largest second-hand e-commerce platform in Korea) acquisition Invested in private equity fund regarding Hansem (Largest furniture brand in Korea) acquisition Online business organization integration into E-commerce business unit under the Lotte Shopping(Dept. Store, Hypermarket, H&B)

  • 2020 Transferred to one CEO structure and Headquarter organization establishment Opened Hypermarket online fulfillment centers Launched integrated online platform 'Lotte ON'